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National Certificate: Hairdressing (SAQA ID 65750 National Qualifications Framework Level 2)

National Certificate: Hairdressing (SAQA ID 65749 National Qualifications Framework Level 3)

Further Education and Training Certificate: Hairdressing (SAQA ID 65729 National Qualifications Framework Level 4)

Course Summarys

This is the first of three qualifications which culminate in a professional hairdressing qualification and is designed to serve as an introduction to the hairdressing industry and provide the learner with the basics of hairdressing.


Perform basic reception and

administrative services.


Demonstrate an understanding of the service sector.


Maintain a professional standard

of health- and cleanliness in the salon


Perform elementary hairdressing services


Promote salon products and services

This qualification follows on from the Level 02 qualification in enabling learners to develop toward becoming professional hairdressers.




Perform cutting services for ladies and



Perform long hair styling and colouring services


Perform chemical services to Afro hair

This qualification follows on from the Level 03 qualification in enabling learners to qualify as professional hairdressers and focuses on advanced hairdressing techniques as well as on a series of management functions designed to assist qualified hairdressers to setup and manage their own businesses.


Perform hairdressing services.


Range of services are performed on either Afro or Caucasian hair


Run a hairdressing salon


Set up a new hairdressing business


Candidates will have the option to complete the City & Guilds Advanced international exam

A place where you can become the best hairdresser to believe yourself to be.


Eugene Venter


THASA ALBERTON has taught me to be the hairdresser I am today and moulded me into a Stylist and Lady.


Bronwynn Raminhos 

Studying at THASA ALBERTON  has been a marvellous experience for me, especially my lecturer.


Lindiwe Chamane

The science of hair is something only the special are cut out for, it requires passion, dedication and a love for creation. At THASA Alberton we provide not only an environment that encourages these special skills but a second home for our students. Simply put we are a centre of academic excellence that places our students learning and skill development above everything else.



Our Internationally Recognized Programs and worldwide network within the industry places THASA Alberton at the forefront of not only the latest style, trends and techniques but also puts our students in the best position possible to hone their craft anywhere in the world on their completion of their time with us.



With hard work comes great rewards and there is no better place that embodies this ideology than THASA Alberton, the courses are intensive, challenging and encourage the values of professionalism and service excellence in our students.



Your interpretation, understanding and technical ability will enable your move into the high paced world of hair styling allowing your individuality and personality to shine through in everything you do.  Team Thasa Alberton